Product Information

Ultra Deluxe fruit tea inspired by classic cocktails.

Product highlights

NORA Ultra Deluxe Tea is made naturally from blends of dried fruit. Our fruit teas offer a light, unsweetened, and beautifully balanced flavor similar in taste to well-designed fruit water.

Designed for fun

NORA teas are super versatile across mixology & culinary applications - brew it hot like any other tea, pour it on ice for a refreshing fruit water, make amazing sweetening syrups for craft-style soda and lemonades use it in baking applications, or try mixing flavors for your own perfect creation! Please check out our drink recipes for some pro-grade tips!

Professional grade for mixology

NORA is perfect for professional bartenders and at-home mixologists. Upgrade your cocktail menu with amazing flavors people will love. Infuse NORA into syrups for cocktails, mocktails, sangria mixes, lemonades & so much more! NORA products are designed to be mixed with spirits for amazing, all-natural cocktails.

Good for the body

NORA Fruit Teas are made naturally from precise blends of real fruit and are certified non-GMO, caffeine-free, calorie-free, unsweetened & non-alcoholic.

Fruit tea is generally considered a low-acid style tea and a popular choice for people with sensitive stomachs or those looking for a natural, no-calorie beverage to support weight loss goals.