About NORA

Our Brand

NORA is an ULTRA DELUXE lifestyle brand.
We offer an ethos of luxury, balance, and harmony for the most sacred ritual of the day – coffee.
We are a passion + purpose operation made up of entrepreneurs who take risks, think outside the box, and strive for innovation. We value creativity, proactiveness, and positivity.
Above all else, we are here to foster meaningful relationships and want our customers to be happy.


Our Path for the Future

The logo NORA denotes a streamlined elegance yet the disconnect in the lettering shows the value in the space NORA looks to hold in the industry as we innovate and pave a way for the future of ULTRA DELUXE Coffee & Tea.
Our secondary logo (picture below) is the key visual of a rocket ship facing toward the sky. It is centered around the futuristic vision of our brand.